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Women’s lacrosse welcomes a new member to the AU family

Posted by on March 1, 2013

AU Spartans with AmberIn February, the Aurora University women’s lacrosse team added a new member to their family. The Spartans “adopted” Amber Moosvi, who was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage Four Brain Cancer in November 2011, as an honorary team member through the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation. The foundation has a program which matches children suffering from pediatric brain tumors and their families with high school or college athletic teams that are willing to change lives.

The Spartans worked with Amber’s family to schedule a visit, and recently the 17-year old and her family came to the university for a fun-filled day. Upon her arrival, Amber was greeted by the team with several “welcome” posters and a welcome video introducing the Spartan players.

Amber’s mother Dorothy offered the team some insight on Amber’s life growing up and said a few words about Amber’s battle with this horrific disease. The Spartan captains got up and offered some inspiration to Amber and let her know how happy they are to have her in their family.

To further cheer her up, the team gave Amber a bag filled with goodies for her to take home. Little did they know, Amber had brought a surprise of her own. She handed out “Team Amber” bracelets to the members of the team who were moved by this kind gesture.

Senior captain Kaitlyn Crohan offered her thoughts on meeting Amber. “Finally meeting and adopting Amber onto our team felt so amazing and I think we all really look up to her for her strength and persistence. I think that our team needs her just as much as she needs us; it’s a start to a great friendship!”

As the day moved forward, the team took a photo with the newest member of their family, and Amber got to hang out and chat with the team in their down time before they scrimmaged. Amber and her family then watched the scrimmage which marked their first time seeing the sport of lacrosse.

The visit concluded with a team lunch. Amber was able to sit down and talk to the team about the sport once more before heading home. Amber’s visit marks the beginning of a relationship which has inspired both Amber and the team.

Danielle Hernandez, a sophomore midfielder said that, “adopting Amber has truly been a learning experience.” She continued by saying, “I know I can speak for the whole team when I say that Amber’s story has taught us to live each day, go to each practice and play each game to the fullest. We can say with confidence that we bring everything we have to the field each day because we each have a unifying inspiration to work for – and that is Amber.”

Thanks to the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation and the warm-heartedness of the Spartans, Amber now has more loving friends to support her throughout her battle. You can follow Amber’s journey on her Team Amber Facebook page, which was created to support brain cancer awareness.