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AU professor makes the most of marketing education

Posted by on April 17, 2014

VanderSchee, Marketing

Brian Vander Schee, Associate Professor of Marketing

Similar to the subject he teaches, Brian Vander Schee, Associate Professor of Marketing, determines the needs and wants of his students and strives to deliver lessons that meet those principles. His effective teaching and innovative approach to the classroom were recently recognized with the Hormel Foods Master Teacher Award presented by the Marketing Management Association (MMA).

The honor was Vander Schee’s fifth national teaching award for marketing—the only educator in the country to reach this milestone—which inspires him to continually do his best in every class. The Hormel Foods Master Teacher Award was presented to Vander Schee in part for a presentation he gave to the MMA titled “Influential Teachers Connect with Life Changing I.D.E.A.S.” (Inspire, Develop, Engage, Assess and Serve).

“Over my years of teaching I’ve ventured away from lectures to a more hands-on approach that makes practical application of theoretical concepts,” said Vander Schee. “I focus on engaging students in the learning process at every level. This is particularly the case in the Principles of Marketing course where non-marketing majors are exposed to the discipline for the first, and possibly the only time. And I routinely assign client-based projects to students in upper-level marketing courses. The local businesses appreciate interacting with the students, and the students benefit from working in the field with real output and consequences for their efforts.”

Vander Schee’s teaching innovations include a first-day-of-class experience to familiarize students with the instructor and other students and better acquaint them with basic marketing principles. Another is a “Family Feud” type of game to increase awareness of marketing misperceptions, clarify marketing misunderstandings, encourage class participation and build enthusiasm for the course. Another activity helps students understand the concepts associated with consumer rate of adoption for new products.

Vander Schee’s participation in professional associations such as the MMA is contributing to his teaching approach. He is the editor of “Marketing Education Review” sponsored by the Society for Marketing Advances, the Cengage Outstanding Marketing Educator Competition coordinator for the Academy of Marketing Science, and serves on the Collegiate Chapters Council for the American Marketing Association. “Being involved in organizations creates opportunities to collaborate on research projects and learn new innovations in teaching effectiveness. These opportunities bring me into contact with many marketing educators and bring recognition to Aurora University,” he said.

At AU, Vander Schee works in an environment focused on teaching effectiveness. “I am inspired to be successful and to continually advance in making the classroom an engaging and meaningful experience,” he said. “The students in the marketing program at AU are truly amazing. Dr. Green, Dr. Zahay-Blatz and I focus on student achievement—we present students with challenging goals and then provide the resources needed for success. It is great to work with your friends, and I think the students pick up on that kind of support.”