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Training healthy, high-performing athletes

Posted by on June 20, 2016

trainingblogIt takes more than pumping iron to get the most out of a strength and conditioning program.

For one thing, it takes hours of meticulous behind-the-scenes planning, which is exactly what Chad Trudo and his staff are doing this summer — and the same thing they have done every summer since 2012 when Trudo became head of the strength and conditioning program here.

“We currently work with about 700 student-athletes representing 22 sports,” said Trudo. “Our task is to develop a personalized, research-based plan for each of them that takes into account their gender as well as the biomechanics of their specific sport and position. Each plan focuses on building power, endurance, speed and agility, which all contribute to achieving the strength and conditioning team’s main goals: improving athletic performance and decreasing injuries.

The program’s efforts have paid off, according to Trudo. Not only do AU athletes suffer fewer and less serious injuries, the school has cut injury-related expenses — on everything from athletic tape and aspirin to surgery — by as much as $335,000 in a single year.

What’s more, AU’s strength and conditioning program has helped prepare a number of former interns for positions at schools across the country. This year, two of Trudo’s interns, Patrick DeVries and David Cesario, both seniors, received All-American recognition, an honor also earned by intern Gavin Walker in 2015.