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Technology course gives teachers and students innovative ways to learn

Posted by on May 29, 2015

Technology for Teachers CourseThe evolution of technology is changing the way professors and students teach and learn at Aurora University. Technology for Teachers is an innovative course focused on training teachers to use technology in the classroom to teach content, engage students in learning and measure student understanding.

“The advantages of incorporating technology in classrooms include higher levels of engagement and motivation, latest instructional materials, higher levels of thinking and participation, increased peer interaction, increased family involvement, and application of real-world skills,” said Tom Jackson, Associate Professor of Education.

Through the course, students can engage and implement a diverse array of new-age software programs and applications. Once students are proficient, they serve the local educational community by guiding K-8 teachers at the Holy Angels Partnership School (HAS) through the advancing programs.

“After students research and learn apps in our AU classroom, they teach them and share them, so that other teachers and students may try them out to see if in their classrooms technology assists in moving the learning forward,” offered Jackson.

The students also hold demonstrations and workshops that begin in December and occur throughout the school year. “Not only are we learning about new technology, but we are acquiring the skills to effectively teach it to other teachers and that is really exciting,” said junior elementary education major Julie Georgiou.

Technology for Teachers (EDU2300) will be offered in the fall of 2015 for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge and understanding about the infusion of technology in academia.