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Support services enhance classroom learning

Posted by on November 21, 2017

studyingLearning is more than reading books and memorizing facts, according to Julie Hall, Academic Support Center director.

“In college, students will move from ‘memorization’ as their standard method of learning to critically thinking and expanding how to learn,” she said. “An essential component of this process takes place in the classroom.”

Hall reminds students that if they don’t attend class, they can’t ask questions, learn from their peers and demonstrate to the professor their level of understanding of the course content. “Preparing for, participating in and attending class keeps students in the driver’s seat of their own learning and cannot be overstated,” she added.

Outside of the classroom, Aurora University offers services to enhance students’ education and prepare them for the future. Campus academic support services include:

Academic Support Center
The center provides free instructional services and professional writing support to students as well as mathematics, science and course-based peer tutoring.

Career Services
This office coordinates on-campus student employment and helps students explore careers and majors, write resumes, prepare for interviews, and apply to jobs and internships.

Counseling Center
The center provides a safe place to talk through personal matters with professionally licensed clinicians, including psychologists and social workers.

Crouse Center for Student Success
Academic advisors guide and mentor students as they plan, build and complete their bachelor’s degree.

Disability Resource Office
The office creates learning environments that are accessible, equitable and inclusive and empower students to participate in every aspect of academic and campus life.

Wellness Center
The center provides free nursing services and promotes health, wellness and preventive care for students.