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Spartan Spotlight: Katelyn Greenstreet, Sophomore Health Science Major

Posted by on December 27, 2012

Katelyn Greenstreet“Now that I’m in college at AU, I have thought about who I am and who I want to become,” said Katelyn Greenstreet. “My eyes have been opened to the lives of people in different regions and cultures.”

Always a high achiever, Greenstreet graduated high school a year early and set her sights on AU. She admits, though, that the fast track left her little time to consider her place in the world. But in her freshman year, when she enrolled in two interdisciplinary studies core courses at AU, Greenstreet’s understanding of herself, how others live, and how cultural norms vary contributed to her discovery of what it means to really live—and live a life of meaning.

Now a sophomore with a 4.0 grade point average, Greenstreet has plans for making the world a better place, and they have begun to crystallize. As she began to consider her place in the world, she was inspired by her own family story—she and her sisters were all born prematurely and spent the first few weeks of life in the NICU—and a desire to help others, fostered by AU. She decided to major in health science, with an intention to attend medical school, study pediatrics and possibly become a neonatologist.

Travel is next on her agenda. She wants to interact with people in different parts of the world, and she also plans to study abroad in the summer and fall of 2014. Combined with the strong academic foundation she has acquired in her rigorous coursework at AU, exploring other cultures and engaging in service projects in other countries will help her develop a global perspective.

In the meantime, Greenstreet is gaining experience that will better prepare her for her future profession. She works as an early childhood education assistant at a daycare center, which has taught her the importance of teamwork. “I really love working with children and watching them learn new things, and I’ve realized that collaborating with others is the best way to create a positive learning environment for young children,” she said. “And I believe that these essential childhood experiences lead to becoming a successful adult.”

Greenstreet will be a difference maker because she has discovered the things that matter most. Grounded in her knowledge of health science, dedicated to serving others, and striving to engage with cultures around the world, she is on a purposeful path. Her transformation has begun.