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Spartan Spotlight: Eric Rizo, AU ’12, management information technology major

Posted by on February 28, 2012

Eric Rizo will graduate this spring with a bachelor's degree in management information technology.

By Eric Rizo, AU ’12

I always knew that my future would be working with technology. In high school, I was constantly curious and tinkering around with computers and electronics. I chose to attend Aurora University, primarily because of my interest in the reputable and well-represented Dunham School of Business and the opportunity to blend my passion with my education.

During my second semester of freshman year, I declared my major: management information technology (MIT).  I was one of the lucky few who had a definitive idea of what my major would be during my first year at college. When you are passionate about something and can pursue a degree in that area, your major becomes an obvious choice.

The MIT program offers the broad range of technology learning I was seeking. My classes have required a variety of understanding beyond computers, including applying mathematics, communication and analysis skills. The MIT major encompasses the various components of information systems software, hardware, network, data and people.

One of my favorite classes has been Advanced Software Application.  The professor created a curriculum based on the students’ technology experience and then tailored discussion topics that challenged all of us based on our learning curve. Our assigned project was to choose a software program and learn the nuts and bolts of the operating system and then present its functionality to the class in layman terms.  I took away from that class that knowing is half the battle, and being able to communicate what you learn to others is essential.

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom; I have also expanded my networking skills and social connections by participating in various on-campus student organizations. Last year, I was the vice president of special events in the Management Information Systems Club, which coordinates opportunities to talk with other students about new technology. We also hosted a “Free PC Check-up Day” for the community during which we removed computer viruses and offered maintenance advice to prevent future problems.

I now apply both my knowledge and professional skills to my paid internship as a computer lab assistant at Waubonsee Community College. My internship has provided me with real-world experience and hands-on learning. As commencement approaches in May, I am confident I have the competitive edge of an exemplary education and the professionalism to stand out in the job market.

Eric Rizo is a management information technology senior from Aurora, Ill.

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