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It’s all in the details: Students showcase digital photographs

Posted by on February 20, 2017

studentphotoexhibitThe Aurora University community is seeing what 12 students have spotted with their digital cameras in the exhibition “The Art of Observation,” currently on display in Phillips Library. The images, taken in the Introduction to Digital Photography course, explore a range of subject matter and approaches to picture making.

Junior art major and exhibitor Sophie Wallace is learning to disregard any doubts she has when taking a picture. “I have been painting for a few years now so I tend to see the world in shapes, shades and colors,” she said. “Photography is a new world of art that I find intriguing and is allowing me to appreciate the simplicity of nature and everyday life. Something as plain as a leaf can appear so complex through the lens of a camera.”

Others displaying their work agree. “Photography has changed the way I see everyday objects,” said sophomore athletic training major Eric Simental. “My confidence as a photographer has increased greatly since taking part in the course. It was my first time being exposed to a course in photography and I enjoyed it a lot.”

The exhibition will be on display through Thursday, March 2. That’s exciting for senior art major Nicole Hanlon. “There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing something you’ve spent so much time creating being sent out into the world and making an impact on others,” she said. “I feel like a real photographer now, not just someone who likes taking pictures. My love for photography is now supported by knowledge of the craft.”

Student exhibitors includeKristy Birkett, Perry Cooper, Shweta Gyasi, Nicole Hanlon, Johanna Ortega, Cassandra Pasulka, Steven Ruffin, Stephanie Sabon, Alexander Sanchez, Eric Simental, Hunter Swihart and Sophie Wallace.

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