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Phillips Library fans recommend summer reads

Posted by on May 3, 2013

Sophomore Hector Hernandez reads a Phillips Library recommended "book of summer."

Sophomore Hector Hernandez reads a Phillips Library recommended "book of summer."

It’s a sure sign that the end of the academic year is here—Phillips Library’s annual “Books of Summer” brochure is out and the display is up! If you’re looking for something good to read over summer vacation, check out what AU students, faculty and staff have recommended and reviewed.

This is the eleventh year that Phillips Library has compiled suggestions of leisure reading from the AU community. The “Books of Summer” brochure is distributed electronically and is available on the library’s web page.

First-year student Joshua Heiser, who is studying English and secondary education, thinks anything written by John Green should be included in the “Books of Summer.” He’s read Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns, but Joshua considers The Fault in Our Stars to be Green’s magnum opus. This title is obviously popular with AU students as it was also featured on one of this year’s READ posters. Heiser explains that the book is about young adults living with cancer, trying to live life to the fullest within the limitations of their diseases. “Love, friendship, betrayal and adventure abound,” explains Heiser. “Bring Kleenex,” he adds.

Kim Chismark is pursuing a master of science in nursing at AU. She says that even though she read I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb more than ten years ago, it is still the book she suggests whenever anyone asks her for a recommendation. According to Kim, this story is about a set of twins. Thomas is schizophrenic and Dominick, who dearly loves his brother, has great guilt for being “normal.” “This family saga explores the past and how it affects present,” Chismark writes in her review. “It is also a study of psychiatry and the parts of the book that depict Dominick’s counseling sessions are fascinating. It is over 900 pages, but it is a book that cannot be put down.”

Tom Fitzer, who is in the  master of social work program at AU, recommended and reviewed The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, a book he considers to be a spiritual guide to living a more present life. He says Tolle’s book is very comprehensible for a spiritual writing. Tom summarizes this book this way, “Living in the ‘Now’ is a way to see beyond your ego and realize your true nature. Your true nature is undisturbed by ‘life situations’ such as stress, debt, homework, anger, etc. When you go to the place of ‘Now’ you can see this for yourself.”

To read the full reviews of these books and others from this year’s brochure, visit the online research guide. Previous “Books of Summer” brochures also are available. Individual reviews will also be posted regularly on the Phillips Library Facebook page throughout the summer. This year’s recommendations and many books from previous years will be on display in the reference area of the library until mid-August and will be available for checkout all summer. Happy summer reading!