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May Term offers a great opportunity to explore Greece

Posted by on December 6, 2013


Students will gain a deeper understanding of how the arts and ideas from 2,500 years ago helped shape the modern world during a May Term trip to Greece this spring.

This May, AU students will step back in time a few thousand years during a captivating study-abroad trip to Greece, in which Greek culture and the history of the Mediterranean will be explored.  Mark Walter, Associate Professor of Philosophy, will lead the tour of Greece, a country known for its incredible history and its influence on the arts.

During the trip, students will have the opportunity to visit world-class museums and historical sites in some of Greece’s most beautiful cities. Explorations will focus on the flowering artistic and intellectual culture of the class age of Greece, in the period from the victory over the Persian Empire to the defeat of Athens in the Peloponnesian War.

Mark Walter, Associate Professor of Philosophy

Mark Walter, Associate Professor of Philosophy

“Students will gain a deeper understanding of how we got to be the way we are,” said Walter. “Even though we’re going to study things from 2,500 years ago, the art and ideas of that period live on in us today. Nothing compares to the experience of learning about another culture from actually living in it for awhile.”

Students will spend rich days of discovery in the city of Athens, travel to the ancient holy site of Delphi, run in the very stadium in Olympia where the original Olympic Games were held, and peer out over the ramparts of the fortifications of archaic Mycenae and the Palamidi castle of Nafplion. In between studies and travel adventures, students will also have the opportunity to hike, swim and enjoy the fabled Hellenic hospitality that has made Greece the favored destination of lovers of beauty, history and good living for countless centuries.

Through reading, discussion and an unforgettable travel experience, students will develop a better understanding of some of the most enduring human creations of the last two millennia and come to grasp the tremendous significance of the ideas that help shape the modern world.

“Students can expect to learn much more about how new ideas regarding the value of individuality and the importance of reason shaped art, literature, politics, philosophy, and science in the classical age, and how that serves as a basis for how we think of ourselves today,” said Walter. “While in Greece, they can expect to see places and things that they will never forget.  Greece is a beautiful country, and its wonderful arts, architecture and people make it even more beautiful to experience.”

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