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Looking to advance your career? Online learning is the key.

Posted by on February 7, 2013

Aurora University is launching a major online initiative in 2013.

AU Online Over the past decade, online education has gained momentum in a big way and it’s easy to see why. Earning a degree or certification online offers an unprecedented level of flexibility in higher education. Whether juggling a full-time job, family responsibilities, volunteer work or anything in between, earning a degree online allows busy individuals to better themselves and their career prospects on a schedule that works for them.

Aurora University is proud to announce our continuing commitment to flexible, customizable online education. At Aurora University, we believe in the transformative power of learning and are dedicated to offering rewarding educational experiences to help students advance. Through the use of interactive discussion boards and chat rooms, we make our faculty accessible to provide engaging and meaningful instruction. We use innovative technologies and methods to offer personal attention to our distance learning students, as well as create a community of students to share ideas.

Aurora University Online offers the following degree programs and endorsements:

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration – Degree Completion Program

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration degree program equips students with a basic overview in accounting, finance, organizational behavior, human resources, marketing and international business. This degree prepares graduates for entry-level business roles in a vast number of industries and areas.

Master of Business Administration

Professionals who already hold a BA can gain a deeper understanding of current and enduring business practices and theories by earning an MBA from Aurora University Online. The degree program consists of advanced courses in marketing, organizational behavior, leadership, finance, information technology and accounting.

Master of Business Administration with Leadership Concentration

This focused MBA leadership program is structured around various leadership principles, including organizational development, strategic management and more. Graduates of the MBA leadership program go on to become effective business leaders.

Careers in business administration

  • Business consultant: Also called management analysts, business consultants help clients improve business performance, efficiency, structure and profits. Business consultants analyze data and other information in order to propose a course of action to meet their clients’ business goals.
  • Financial analyst: Financial analysts identify trends, develop forecasts and assess the risks of various investment decisions. On the basis of the results of their analysis, they write technical reports that might include investment recommendations.
  • Advertising and promotions manager: Responsible for planning and directing advertising policies and programs, advertising and promotions managers help develop promotional materials for a wide array of clients and businesses.
  • Public relations manager: Public relations managers orchestrate initiatives to improve or change a company’s public image. They often manage fund-raising campaigns or event productions.
  • Sales manager: Sales managers run the big picture and set goals for sales firms. Sales managers direct distribution and establish sales territories, quotas and goals. They are also responsible for training programs, analyzing sales data to determine sales potential and inventory requirements as well as monitoring customer preferences.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication – Degree Completion Program

Students pursuing a BA in Communications gain a strong understanding of communication concepts. Graduates master academic and professional writing skills, oral presentation capabilities and media technologies. Classes meld practical, hands-on experience with research and analytical prowess.

Careers in communications

  • Editor: Editors work in print, online and television publishing firms. They plan and review content schedules, as well as review and revise content prior to publication.
  • Interpreter or translator: These professionals work with languages, converting information and materials from one language to another. Interpreters work with spoken and sign language, while translators deal with written language.
  • Reporter or correspondent or broadcast news analyst: The job duties for these workers include reporting local, national or international news to the public. They may work for newspapers, radio stations, magazines or television stations.
  • Technical writer: Technical writers take complex technical information and distill it to make it easier to understand. They may write instruction manuals and pamphlets or briefs for designers and engineers.
  • Writer or author: Unlike technical writers, these workers write for books, magazines, radio and television. They may also write songs or develop creative content for advertising.

Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice – Degree Completion Program

The Aurora University Online Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice prepares graduates for work in law enforcement, security, corrections, courts, probation and parole. Students can focus their degree through elective courses offered within the degree track.

Careers in criminal justice

  • Police officer or detective: These public servants enforce local, state and national laws, as well as investigate and solve crimes.
  • Corrections officer: Corrections officers work in detention centers, reformatories, jails and prisons. They monitor and protect individuals who have been arrested or sentenced to serve time.
  • Probation or parole officer: These professionals work with offenders who have been released from jail or prison and help them re-acclimate and deter from committing another offence.
  • Security officer: Security officers patrol and monitor buildings and establishments to prevent crime.


The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Aurora University Online is intended for registered nurses who wish to transition into leadership positions in the nursing field. Coursework assumes prior learning.

Master of Arts in Mathematics Education

This program trains aspiring teachers to develop and implement curricula based on the common core state standards (CCSS) for mathematics and the best practices associated with them. Graduates gain thorough and interdisciplinary knowledge of mathematical concepts with a goal of understanding the material as a coherent whole through the K-12 spectrum.

Master of Arts in Science Education

The Masters of Arts in Science Education at Aurora delivers teaching methods alongside content knowledge in physical, life, and earth and space sciences. An emphasis on interconnectivity among the sciences shapes the coursework. Throughout the degree, students will come to understand how humans best research and learn scientific concepts and methodologies.

Master of Arts in Mathematics and Science Education

The curriculum focuses on national standards in mathematics and science and how to implement them in the classroom. The program emphasizes the connections present between concepts in mathematics and science, with an emphasis placed on STEM programs.

Bilingual/ESL Endorsement

Aurora University Online offers an endorsement for current Illinois teachers who seek certification as a bilingual or ESL teacher. The endorsement is valid in the same level as the graduate’s original certificate or license. Graduates master the skills needed to meet the unique needs of English language students.

Special Education Endorsement

This endorsement certifies teachers who hold an existing Illinois teaching license to work in special education. The program prepares graduates to identify and intervene with students who exhibit a wide range of disabilities and to facilitate collaboration with students, families, colleagues and the community.

Founded in 1893, Aurora University is an inclusive community dedicated to the transformative power of learning. Aurora University online offers the personal attention and range of programs necessary to succeed academically and prides itself on the accessibility of its faculty. AU’s high educational standards coupled with the flexibility of online learning allow students to advance their careers and earning potential with an accredited online degree.