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Introducing an inspirational, interesting and incredible May Term trip to Italy

Posted by on December 5, 2013

Florence, Italy

Florence will be one of the stops during the May Term trip in Italy.

An opportunity awaits nearly 5,000 miles away for students who want to learn through unique mini-adventures, such as cooking classes, scavenger hunts and art workshops with professionals. These experiences will take place during May Term 2014 in Italy, a country rich in tradition and history and famous for its beautiful art. The trip will be led by Meredith Harvey, Assistant Professor of English at George Williams College of Aurora University.

“During this Arts, Literature and Inquiry course, students will learn about Italian art and culture, but also work on producing some art themselves,” said Harvey. “In doing so, they will gain first-hand knowledge of some of the techniques used during the Medieval, Renaissance, Romanticism and Modernism movements.”


Meredith Harvey, Assistant Professor of English at George Williams College of Aurora University

Harvey is planning activities that will help students discover the early civilizations of the Romans and Greeks and to better understand multiple perspectives of the arts and humanities in the places they were created. As part of the experience, students will explore the architecture and art of famous sites, such as the Vatican, Galleria Nazionale dell’Umbria, Italian Rivera, Tuscany, Florence and the region of Umbria, including Perugia, while studying related literature and history.

“Students will take away once-in-a-lifetime experiences,” said Harvey. “They will gain an understanding of the ways in which art and literature have personal, social and cultural meanings to individual and collective identities. It really will be an adventure to remember.”

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