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Getting involved and growing in faith helped shape campus experience

Posted by on February 1, 2012

By Anne Miller, AU ’12

Anne MillerWhen I started my college career at AU, I was a mathematics and secondary education major. My plan after graduation was to become a high school math teacher at my old high school. I was not expecting much change in direction from Welcome Week until today; however, life has a way of not always turning out as you thought it would.

Coming to AU, I didn’t know anyone. Because I was a commuter student and didn’t share classes with anyone I knew, I wasn’t able to build relationships as easily as students who live on campus. Being timid and shy, getting integrated into college life was challenging for me.

Things started to look up for me when I got involved with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. The student organization gave me something to do, a place to make friends, and a way to grow in my Christian faith. InterVarsity soon became the favorite part of my student experience at AU. I enjoy the weekly Bible studies, service projects, conferences with other InterVarsity chapters, and the focus on living out your faith on campus. After going to an InterVarsity summer conference, I came back to AU with a new passion, direction and personality.

I stepped up into leadership positions in InterVarsity and other student organizations on campus. I became more willing to take risks so I could grow personally, professionally and spiritually. I began to participate more in class discussions, share my faith with friends, grow in my relationship with God, and re-evaluate my career plans.

After getting involved in InterVarsity, I realized that God was showing me that I love campus ministry more than being in a classroom teaching math. After stubbornly trying to make my plans work, I followed God’s calling to change my major to mathematics with a religion minor and apply to be an InterVarsity campus staff worker. I was accepted, and my campus placement will be a long-term position at AU starting in fall 2013.

God has taken me on an amazing adventure here, and I cannot wait to continue to be a part of the AU community in the future.

Anne Miller is a senior mathematics major from Big Rock, Ill.