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Four ways higher education can change the K-12 equation

Posted by on September 25, 2014

The following is an excerpt of a longer article that appeared on The Huffington Post:

Most Americans believe that the major problem with K-12 education today is a lack of quality standards. Schools aren’t able to effectively impose higher standards, students aren’t expected to meet higher standards, and the process of implementing standardized initiatives like Common Core seems more daunting every day.

This is a concept that needs to be reframed.

Today’s biggest education problem is not that we suffer from a lack of standards, or that we can’t meet the ones we have. Rather, it’s that the standards we aim for are not necessarily the right ones. In other words, we have built a system designed to drive results against measures and ideals that are becoming less and less relevant — not just to students, but to teachers, school districts, future employers and local communities themselves.

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