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Dunham School of Business will rely on alumni, business community

Posted by on December 8, 2011

By Charles Edwards, Director, Dunham School of Business

Charles EdwardsAs I think about the future of the Dunham School of Business at Aurora University, I reflect on the 24 years I spent in corporate America as a human resources professional. During that time, I came to understand how much business leaders depend upon a skilled workforce to be successful and competitive in their marketplaces. As the new director, it’s this experience that has shaped my vision for the AU business school.

One of our most important goals will be updating our curriculum so it reflects the needs of business leaders in today’s global economy. We realize we are a relatively small university, yet we aspire to be one of the top business schools in the area.

Another priority will be to ensure that experiential learning is a key component of our curriculum. We want to work with local businesses to expand internships and comparable programs. The balance between theory and business reality is crucial and will aide our students as they transition from the classroom to becoming a productive employee. Technology will play a key role in providing our students with the experiential learning they need to fully comprehend what is expected of them in the workforce. The experience working in a business environment utilizing the latest technology will be priceless.

To move forward successfully, we need the support of our business community. We look forward to building stronger relationships with business leaders throughout the Chicago area. These partnerships will allow our students and faculty to stay abreast of the latest business trends while supporting our strategy to preserve a balance between theory and business reality.

We also need the support of our alumni. We have a strong group of graduates who are already an established force within our community, and we will rely on their advice and counsel as we move forward. Our vision is to have alumni who are visible on campus — participating in campus events, serving as mentors to our students, speaking in our classrooms, serving on advisory boards, and working with the business school other capacities to ensure our students have the richest educational experience possible.

The Dunham School of Business has provided a consistently strong educational experience for our students; we plan to continue building on its success. By focusing on the steps outlined above, we can take our program to a higher level.

Charles Edwards is the Director of the Dunham School of Business. He can be reached at