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Downloadable eBooks now available to AU students

Posted by on October 16, 2012

An Aurora University student uses the new eBook service at Phillips Library

An Aurora University student uses the new eBook service at Phillips Library

More and more students are coming to campus with iPads, Kindles, Nooks or other tablet computers. Phillips Library recognizes this and now offers downloadable eBooks from EBSCO for these handheld reading devices. While Phillips Library has offered eBooks for many years, this new capability allows library users to download a digital book to read later offline. To access EBSCO’s eBook collection of nearly 6,000 titles, students will need a personal EBSCO account and an account with Adobe Digital Editions, both of which can be created for free.

In addition to the large collection of books that can now be downloaded and read at the users convenience, other features available with the new service include the following:

  • You can browse the newest additions and featured titles, or browse through the collection by category or keyword.
  • If a desired title is in use by another student, you can place a hold on the eBook. By entering an email address, students are notified when the eBook is ready to be checked out.
  • A note taking feature assists with research, allowing students to take notes on eBooks and save them to a personal folder for later viewing.
  • If a student encounters an unknown word in an eBook, a simple click brings up a definition from the Oxford American College Dictionary.

Dr. Toby Arquette, Associate Professor of Communication, was the first member of the AU community to check out and download an eBook from Phillips Library.

“This new service that allows faculty and students to download digital books is an important step forward in digital access to materials needed to support classroom teaching and student learning,” Arquette said. “My experience downloading a text that I later read on my iPad not only saved me the time and energy of having to inter-library loan the book, it also allowed me the convenience of mobile access to the book when convenient to me on the road.”

For assistance in using this new service, please see a Phillips Library librarian.