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Doctor of Education student named DuPage Region Principal of the Year

Posted by on January 25, 2018


Gloria Trejo, Horace Mann/Illinois Principals Association DuPage Region 2017–2018 Elementary School Principal of the Year

While “Principal of the Year” awards are given as individual honors, Gloria Trejo views her recognition as a collaborative achievement. Trejo, an Aurora University Doctor of Education student, was recently named the Horace Mann/Illinois Principals Association DuPage Region 2017–2018 Elementary School Principal of the Year. She has been principal at Pioneer Elementary School in West Chicago, Illinois, for 11 years.

“The Principal of the Year honor is very humbling because I attribute many of my successes to the Pioneer staff,” said Trejo. “They work very hard on a daily basis to provide the best education to their students while establishing strong relationships with students and families. I am proud of the work that has been done at Pioneer School and to receive this honor I feel like we did this collaboratively.”

The Elementary School Principal of the Year honor recognizes DuPage Region school principals who have made a positive impact on their students and learning community. Award recipients demonstrate a positive impact on education and advocacy for children, ensure their school climate is positive and reflects high staff and student morale, and demonstrates creativity and imagination in bringing about positive change.

“My greatest pride as the building principal revolves around the strong relationships that have been established between staff, students and parents,” said Trejo. “Focusing on the importance of relationships has directly impacted students. These strong relationships have created a ‘family’ atmosphere of positive collaboration.”

As a Doctor of Education student at Aurora University, Trejo is part of another important partnership. She says her professors and peers in the classroom share the same mission and vision when it comes to education.

“This has allowed me to recognize and deeply understand the work of improving schools through various lenses,” she said. “If I intend to be a transformational leader in education, it is important to team with others in order to build capacity and empower one another. My cohort of colleagues and professors at AU have thorough discussions and experiences, and I have been fortunate to be able to learn from both groups.”