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Commuter student is driven to be involved

Posted by on November 1, 2012

Senior Marissa Angileri

Senior Marissa Angileri is a commuter student from Downers Grove, Ill.

When senior Marissa Angileri transferred to Aurora University as a commuter student in 2010, she wanted her new college experience to be different. She became involved on campus by joining an academic student club and an educational leadership program. These activities have taught her time management skills that she is applying to her commute schedule and part-time job. She is also forming new friendships and connecting to the university beyond the classroom.

“Getting involved on campus was important to me because I wanted to get to know people on a more personal level rather than just seeing a familiar face or two in my classes,” said Angileri. Her involvement in the Psychology Club has introduced her to other students within her major. The club organizes service projects and community outreach events and hosts speaking engagements and panel discussions.

Along with the Psychology Club, Angileri participates in the L.E.A.D (Leadership Education and Development) program, which teaches students about different leadership styles, how to influence others through effective communication and how to prepare for future leadership roles. “The L.E.A.D program allowed me to meet other outgoing students who are also trying to make the most of their college experiences,” said Angileri.

With commuting, working part time, and taking a full-time course load, Angileri prefers to have early classes. She schedules them close together, rather than having large gaps of time between classes. “I was able to work with my AU advisor to design a schedule that fits with my daily routine, and still allows me to be active on campus,” Angileri said.