News from the Aurora University community

Inspiring area high school students pursue a transformative education

Catalina Selva, AU '17

“Power up!” That’s the message Aurora University students had for more than 130 teenagers who came to campus from area high schools this fall for an inspiring conference.

Volunteer opportunities lead to a focused future

Amanda Luesmann

A commitment to community service and helping others has always been an integral part of the Aurora University identity. As AU students discover what matters most to them, they are building lives around character, scholarship and a desire to make a difference. For senior mathematics and secondary education major Amanda Luesmann, this is certainly true.

Student-faculty research lays foundation for next step


Michael Martinez has always been a driven student. At the beginning of his college journey, he jumped into his coursework determined to make the most of his experience. And, it only took two classes to set him on a path to a future in psychology.

STEM initiatives bring science to life


Dr. Chetna Patel, Professor and Chair of Physical Sciences, approaches her undergraduate organic chemistry courses with the idea that teaching is more than providing content to students. It’s about capturing students’ interest, keeping them engaged in learning and showing how that conent applies to their future careers.

Foundation courses set students on a path toward discovery

Joshua Heise

Beginning on their first day of school, undergraduate students on the Aurora and George Williams College campuses are challenged by courses beyond their area of study. These innovative foundation courses inspire students to think critically, identify local and global issues and explore fundamental questions of humanity and responsibility.