Building A Community: Here and There


Plane ticket, check. Swim suit, check. Wallet, check. For some Aurora University students, these items may resemble what their checklists might have looked like for a trip down south with friends or family. For others like me though, work boots, old clothes and sleeping bags compiled our spring break checklists.

Batavia School District to join John C. Dunham STEM Partnership School at Aurora University

STEM Partnership School

The Board of Education of Batavia School District 101 voted late Tuesday, February 24 to join the John C. Dunham STEM Partnership School at Aurora University.

A Path Appears: Beyond Sleep Out on the Quad


Chinese Essayist, Lu Xun once said, “Hope is like a path in the countryside. Originally, there is nothing—but as people walk this way again and again, a path appears.” After four years of sponsoring Sleep Out on the Quad, an annual event designed to raise awareness of homelessness, a path is appearing at Aurora University.

History professor brings film into focus

Gerald Butters

When he’s not in the classroom, there’s a good chance that Gerald Butters, Professor of History, can be found in a movie theater—or at least writing about the silver screen. He’s weaved his interest in history and his love of film into three books.

Countdown to Commencement begins

Aurora University Graduation

Despite colder temperatures and snow arriving on campus in recent days, it’s actually the perfect time for many students to think of spring—and graduation! More than 1,000 undergraduate and graduate students are expected to participate in Commencement ceremonies on Sunday, May 3, 2015, on the University Quadrangle. All degree candidates must apply for graduation through WebAdvisor by Saturday, February 28.