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Aurora University students win regional marketing competitions

Posted by on November 14, 2014

AU AMA Students at UWW-AMA Regional Collegiate Conference

Sixteen AU students attended the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater American Marketing Association Regional Collegiate Conference on Friday, November 7.

The AU American Marketing Association (AU AMA) continued to make a name for itself at the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater AMA Regional Collegiate Conference on November 7. AU AMA won first place in the AcuRite Digital Marketing Challenge and placed first and second in the Kohl’s Marketing Challenge, competing against teams from several regional universities, including Eastern Michigan University and University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

The AcuRite Digital Marketing Challenge was an on-site competition that challenged students to observe and analyze companies’ success in customization. Students were given 20 minutes to choose three companies and sell their perspective on how those companies achieve customization. The winning AU team included seniors Hajar Zaki, Brett Willman and Kayla DeLano.

The Kohl’s Marketing Challenge was a two-stage marketing strategy competition that required competitors to develop a mini-marketing plan that targeted the millennial generation. Prior to the conference date, students submitted a strategic plan during Stage 1 and the Top 5 teams then presented their recommended solution at the conference for Stage 2. The first place AU team was comprised of juniors Kevin Raske, Nick Carroll and Sean Bergan, and senior Erica Hankes. The second place AU team included juniors Jose Victoriano and Rene Schroeder, and freshmen Kristen Parham and Justin Gregory.

“As students, there are a lot of unknowns awaiting us as we prepare to leave school and enter the workforce,” said Raske. “Being a member of AMA and receiving awards in this competition demonstrates that we are part of an impressive program and we are able to put the knowledge and theory we learn in the classroom into practice.”

The competition also increased the confidence of AU AMA members as the chapter continues to prepare for the National AMA Collegiate Conference in March.

“Winning the competitions means that, no matter what, the AU AMA is ready for any kind of competition that comes our way,” said senior AU AMA Chapter President Hajar Zaki. “It makes me very proud to have such a strong, intelligent team.”

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