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Residence hall student provides glimpse of life on campus

Posted by on October 2, 2012

Kaylee Howard, a junior Criminal Justice major from Southern California, enjoys residence life at AU.

Kaylee Howard, a junior criminal justice major from Southern California, is making the most of her residence life experience.

Living on campus is a little different than life in Southern California; however, junior criminal justice major Kaylee Howard is happy to be making Jenks Hall her home away from home. Kaylee has lived in the residence halls for three years, which has helped her to meet friends and made it convenient to be involved on campus.

“I was nervous coming from California and not knowing anyone at AU, but the people on my floor became like a second family,” said Kaylee. “My roommates have been wonderful in helping me adapt to living on my own in a new place. The community inside the hall is a blast, too.”

Kaylee gives credit to the resident assistants for making sure everyone knows each other. “My RA Amanda is always organizing games and crafts that we can do together during the year. I love that all of my friends are just a door away. We even go out to dinner together sometimes, or do other things off campus. The people I live with help make my college experience a great one.”

Kaylee has plenty of activities nearby that keep her busy. She is on the women’s cross country and track teams; she serves as a senator for AUSA, the student government association; and she is a member of the Sigma Delta Gamma sorority and the Belegarth Medival Combat Society.

“I am from a spirited high school and wanted the same type of  experience in college,” said Kaylee. “I feel like living on campus helps me find those opportunities to make college more fun. I love that Aurora University has a variety of programs and events that happen on campus. My favorite times are hanging out with my sorority sisters and teammates at different events.”

Kaylee and her friends take advantage of the free trips that AU offers, too. They have gone ice skating, attended various concerts and sporting events, and went to see the musical “The Lion King.”

When she’s not on campus, Kaylee explores the nearby community. “I work off-campus at a nearby Chili’s restaurant,” she said.  “The area establishments are good about giving students hours that work around college schedules. There is a train station about 10 minutes from campus as well. I love to hop on the train and head to Chicago for the weekend. AU has been the best decision for me. I love it and look forward to another great year.”