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AU offers an affordable, private education

Posted by on March 25, 2013

Stacy Galanis

Stacy Galanis, a sophomore English and secondary education major, worked with the Office of Financial Aid to attain an affordable education at AU.

When Stacy Galanis, a sophomore English major planning on pursing a career in secondary education, first started looking for colleges, she knew that AU was where she wanted to be. She loved the campus, the close-knit atmosphere and the strong academic programs. But, like many students, affording college was a central issue to Stacy and her family.

At AU, Stacy found an affordable path to a private education. AU consistently offers one of the lowest tuition rates of private schools in Illinois, and more than 96 percent of AU students receive scholarships and grants to further offset the cost of tuition. In fact, for many students, an AU education can be more affordable than a state institution when the complete financial aid package, including scholarships, grants, loans and student employment are considered.

For Stacy, one of the most important aspects of her decision to attend AU was the assistance of the Office of Financial Aid, who answered her questions, helped her family navigate the financial aid process, and offered a package that made her dream of attending AU a reality.

“The scholarship that I received from AU made a big difference for me. And, having someone available to explain the process of earning scholarships and grants, taking out loans and finding student employment made the process really easy,” she said.

Stacy also takes advantage of the opportunity of on-campus employment as a tour guide and student worker for the Office of Admission.

“It’s so important to me to have a job on campus,” she said. “I’m gaining experience, opening my eyes to new career options, building my confidence and gaining social skills. With my student job, I can pay for my own books and help out my parents in paying for college.”

Junior Tyler Simmons, a mathematics major who also plans to teach, echoed Stacy’s experience.

“I picked AU because overall it was the best value for me,” he said. “Besides being more affordable than other universities, AU has great resources, ranging from the school’s computer labs, to the weight room, to the Center for Teaching and Learning. And, it’s a great place to get a jump-start on a career with our internship possibilities in the second largest city in Illinois. AU has truly set me up to be successful in the long run.”

For students like Stacy and Tyler, assistance with financial aid does not end after admission to the university. The Office of Financial Aid continues to work with students and their families over the course of their college careers to ensure that students take advantage of all of the resources available to them. And, the university maintains its commitment to an affordable education year after year, with minimal increases to tuition and ongoing efforts to provide new scholarships for deserving students.

“At Aurora University, we evaluate each student’s financial profile on an individual basis, taking note of each student’s special circumstances,” said Heather McKane, Dean of Student Financial Services. “Since financial conditions may change from year to year, our students find it reassuring to know that AU will always strive to provide the best financial aid package possible.”

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