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AU celebrates the season of giving thanks

Posted by on November 10, 2017

As the holiday season approaches, several faculty and staff members are reflecting on why they are thankful to belong to the Aurora University family.

“I feel so much support at this institution, which drives me to constantly want to improve the services we can offer to students. Also, our student leaders work so hard to make AU feel like home for their fellow students as well, which inspires me! I am very grateful to be a part of the Aurora University community!”
— Ann Almasi-Bush, Assistant Dean of Student Life 


“I am thankful to be part of the AU family because helping students along their academic journey is very gratifying. Since education has greatly enhanced my life, I’m grateful to be a part of developing our students into lifelong learners, too.”
— Kathy Clark, Director of University Library


“I’m grateful to work with students, faculty, staff and leadership who care so much, from the heart.”
— Alicia Cosky, Dean of Faculty Development


“I always look to AU with fondness, both as an alum and now as a faculty member. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at a great institution and teach and mentor the next generation.”
— Matt Dabros, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy


“I’m thankful for colleagues that share my passion for helping students and putting it into practice on a daily basis.”
— Julie Hall, Director of the Academic Support Center


“AU is my home away from home. I am grateful for all my wonderful co-workers in the Office of Admission and my colleagues throughout the campus. James Lancaster has been a huge inspiration in my life, and I am eternally grateful for him. I am so blessed to work at such a wonderful place.”
— Luke Kerber, Assistant Director of Freshman Admission


“As an Aurora resident of 10 years, I am so thankful to be working for one of best institutions in the area. I’m also thankful that I work with such a great team in Community Relations and events as a whole. I’m lucky to work in an area that collaborates, sets the bar high, lifts each other up, and most importantly works closely together to get the job done.”
— Tony Kubicek, Director of Events Technical Support


“I asked my 4-year-old son what mommy does for work and he said, ‘You work on your computer and talk to your friends!’ I’m thankful to work at an institution that is so welcoming to everybody — so much so that even my son views my colleagues as my friends.”
— Kate Male, Assistant Dean of Online Student Support Services


“For the past six years it has been an honor and a pleasure to be part of Aurora University. The supportive administration, friendly faculty and, of course, the students have created a wonderful climate in which I can contribute to the best of my abilities as faculty to the important and noble cause of education. As a professor of music, it is my steadfast belief that students should experience music as an integral part of their education and growth and be exposed to music of great beauty. I am deeply grateful to be in a place where, with the great support from our administration, this is possible.”
— Cristian Pastorello, Associate Professor of Music


“I am thankful for the wonderful relationships I have developed and nurtured over the years. These include some amazing colleagues; strong, visionary leaders; and students who grow into successful alumni. I am thankful to call many of these individuals my friends and I am truly thankful to call AU my home.”
— Sarah Radtke, Associate Professor of Athletic Training


“I’m thankful for the challenge and support Aurora University provides to the campus community as we walk with students along their college journey. It’s common for me to experience a sense of awe and admiration for the way AU carries out its student-centered mission while helping students juggle new learning, responsibilities and friends.”
— Eva Serrano, Dean of Latino and Latina Initiatives


“There is a general, visible recognition and commitment that the AU community is here for the students, and that our collective vocation is to serve their needs, whatever those needs may be and whatever it might require from us. In a world that continues to struggle with identity and purpose, I’m grateful that the AU community, through an ethos that’s been created and is continually evolving, intentionally tries to live out a care-based identity that is student-focused … but also recognizes the need to support each other in the process.”
— Amir St. Clair, Executive Director of the Wackerlin Center for Faith and Action


“I’m thankful for my history with Aurora University, starting when I was a student and student-athlete. I also met my husband at AU and we both work here now. Today, our children share in the Spartan tradition. My son, Cooper, gets so pumped to attend ‘Spartan games.’ I love that I get to share my family with our AU family!”
— Kendra Trudo, Academic Advisor


“I am grateful that I work at a university that supports field-based learning in addition to classroom learning. Students get to experience first hand the things we discuss in the classroom, and at the same time build their professional network by working with professionals in the field. An example of that is the service learning projects we do at Big Foot Beach State Park. Students get to work with and learn from park staff while doing real-word projects.”
— Chris Wells, Associate Professor of Parks and Recreation at GWC


“I’m grateful to work with colleagues from a variety of disciplines who all have a shared focus — helping students discover and develop their professional and personal passions. I love that AU empowers students with opportunities to learn, serve others and thrive via the multiple facets of their college experience.”
— Stephanie Whitus, Professor of Criminal Justice