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Alumna honors brother with ‘Free Love, One Dollar’ event

Posted by on September 6, 2013

Andrea Morris

Andrea Morris, AU '13, is promoting the second annual 'Free Love, One Dollar' event in honor of her brother Mike.

Imagine walking up to your car and seeing an envelope on your windshield. As you open the envelope, it reads “Have a great day” with a dollar inside. Some questions would probably come to mind. Where did it come from? Who put it there? But the fact that someone left a positive message on your car made you smile.

A few years ago, Andrea Morris, AU ’13, joined her brother Mike on a mission to do something positive and spontaneous. Mike had the idea of placing 10 one-dollar bills on the windshields of cars parked outside a local nursing home. Each dollar was placed in an envelope with a positive, funny or encouraging note written on it. Mike wanted to brighten someone’s day. He called it ‘Free Love, One Dollar.’

On June 5, 2012 Mike died in a tragic accident. He was 32 years old. Mike’s family and his fiancée decided to honor him on the anniversary of his birthday–September 25—by hosting a ‘Free Love, One Dollar’ event.

Andrea created the “Free Love, One Dollar” Facebook page and word of the event spread quickly. Last September, 450 people participated. Today, more than 700 people have expressed interest in taking part this year.

“Participating is easy,” said Morris. “Get an envelope, write a funny, inspirational or kind note on it along with ‘Free Love, One Dollar in memory of Mike Morris’ and leave it on a stranger’s windshield. The beauty of this event is that you didn’t need to know my brother. This is something anyone can do. It’s fun, easy, and it leaves you with that warm feeling inside knowing you just brightened someone’s day.”